Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Benefits of a Wholly Foreign-Owned Entity

Angelo Robert Santamaria, a resident of the Boston, Massachusetts area, is a manufacturing professional who has held executive positions with firms in the energy, technology, and semiconductor industries, among others. Most recently, Angelo R. Santamaria served as the vice president of global manufacturing for Oasys Water, where he led strategic initiatives that included the establishment of a wholly foreign-owned entity (WFOE).

Also known as a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, a WFOE refers to enterprises in China that are 100 percent owned by foreign investors. WFOEs are structured as limited liability companies, and are commonly used as a means of introducing manufacturing activities, technologies, services, and software into the Chinese market.

Depending on their scope, WFOEs are typically categorized as manufacturing, consulting, or trading enterprises. Regardless of the type, all offer benefits that include:

- Operational flexibility without the need for Chinese investors.

- The ability to conduct business operations and transactions using Chinese currency and convert profits into US dollars.

- Fewer requirements for manufacturing imports and exports. 

- Enhanced protection of proprietary knowledge, since there is no need for a Chinese partner.

- Control over business units that include operations, human resources, and management.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

ClearFlo MBCx Technology at Oasys Water

A former executive at American Superconductor, Angelo Robert Santamaria helped increase company revenues by $375 million over the course of four years. After leaving the firm, Angelo R. Santamaria served as vice president of global manufacturing with Oasys Water in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Oasys Water has become a pioneer in the realm of water desalination due to its innovative use of integrated forward osmosis (FO) and other technologies. One of the company’s most advanced solutions is ClearFlo Membrane Brine Concentrator (MBCx).

Through its MBCx solution, Oasys Water delivers a revolutionary system that is capable of turning numerous types of wastewater into clean water. To this end, the platform pairs the use of the company’s patented FO membrane with a draw system to encourage better dispersal of water across the surface of the membrane. As water passes through, it filters into the recovery system, where it is heated. By raising the temperature of the water, MBCx turns it into a vapor that results in fresh water. 

Using this system, wastewater from operations such as mining and electronics production can turn into usable water. As a result, organizations that use MBCx will be able to combat such challenges as high water recycling expenses and water shortages.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Explaining Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Most recently American Superconductor’s senior vice president of global manufacturing operations, Angelo Robert Santamaria is an accomplished manufacturing executive who specializes in the release of products. During his time at American Superconductor, Angelo R. Santamaria employed his skills in failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).

FMEA helps practitioners utilize systematic and qualitative data, the latter of which is typically data that cannot be expressed using numbers, to help them anticipate potential issues with a process or product. Beyond demonstrating how products and processes may fail and the effects such failures will have, FMEA potentially allows practitioners to identify the reasons behind failure and how likely detection of these issues is.

Typically employed early into a project or process development cycle, FMEA is used in many industries to help manufacturers mitigate the risks involved in launching new products and processes, in addition to helping them take swift action in the event of failure. Well-executed FMEA highlights issues early in the design process, allowing manufacturers to substitute design failures with reliable features.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Jimmy Fund Walk at the Boston Marathon

Formerly of American Superconductor, where he was the senior vice president of global manufacturing operations, Angelo Robert Santamaria most recently worked with Oasys Water. During his tenure with American Superconductor and beyond, Angelo R. Santamaria has supported The Jimmy Fund (TJF), which has been raising money to support cancer care and research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute since 1948.

TJF holds several events each year to bring together supporters and fundraise, including the Boston Marathon Jimmy Walk (BMJW), sponsored by the car manufacturer Hyundai. Taking place during the Boston Marathon in September each year, the walk allows participants to select from four routes, the full 26.2-mile marathon, half-marathon, and five- and 10-kilometer walks. All routes end at Copley Square, where participants enjoy food, receive their medals, and listen to speakers.

The 2016 BMJW attracted over 9,400 walkers who, with the help of more than a thousand volunteers, raised over $8.7 million.

Friday, June 2, 2017

American Superconductor’s Innovative Power-Transmission Cable System

In past leadership capacities with American Superconductor, Angelo Santamaria helped guide a Massachusetts-headquartered developer and licensor of wind turbine designs. Angelo Santamaria also engaged with American Superconductor in a pioneering commercial superconductor wire technology platform. 

Launched by the company in 2008, the power-transmission cable system is able to operate at high temperatures and deliver approximately 150 times the electricity that copper wires of similar size are capable of. The Department of Energy-funded project was integrated within the grid of the Long Island Power Authority and encompassed three cables with a total power of 138 kilovolts. When running at full capacity, it meets the power needs of 300,000 households. 

At the time, the system represented a technology breakthrough at a significant cost associated with silver-coated wires. The underground system operated on newly developed high-temperature superconductor cables, which are kept at extremely low temperatures of between –200 C and –210 C. This is accomplished by running liquid nitrogen through the cable. Following successful deployment, the next challenge was described as perfecting copper, which costs 80 percent less than silver, as a coating material.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Crucial Steps to Perform Before Launching a New Product

The recipient of an MBA from Northeastern University, Angelo Robert Santamaria, American Superconductor’s former vice president, is a global manufacturing and business unit leader. Focused on strategic planning to improve organizations’ bottom line, Angelo Santamaria has a core competency in . 

There are plenty of considerations to make before launching a new product. First, understand the existing market. Are there competitors operating in the market you want to enter? What portion of the market do they control? Make a list of these businesses and how they market their product. Go through their brochures, websites, and ads. Identify the marketing strategies that have been successful and purpose to capitalize on them in your campaign. 

Next, target ideal consumers. These are consumers already purchasing a similar product and would benefit from the added features in your product. These consumers can afford the product and are already using it, so you don’t need to spend significantly to acquire them. Market to them and outline the additional benefits of your product. Show how different and better your product is. You may want to research more on this market through surveys or focus groups to uncover existing needs that competitors' products are not meeting. 

Before jumping in, test your product with a small sample of the market. Gather feedback. The test group may advise you to change your packaging or increase color options. Implement these suggestions. Only after testing should you take the leap.

Benefits of a Wholly Foreign-Owned Entity

Angelo Robert Santamaria, a resident of the Boston, Massachusetts area, is a manufacturing professional who has held executive positions ...