Crucial Steps to Perform Before Launching a New Product

The recipient of an MBA from Northeastern University, Angelo Robert Santamaria, American Superconductor’s former vice president, is a global manufacturing and business unit leader. Focused on strategic planning to improve organizations’ bottom line, Angelo Santamaria has a core competency in . 

There are plenty of considerations to make before launching a new product. First, understand the existing market. Are there competitors operating in the market you want to enter? What portion of the market do they control? Make a list of these businesses and how they market their product. Go through their brochures, websites, and ads. Identify the marketing strategies that have been successful and purpose to capitalize on them in your campaign. 

Next, target ideal consumers. These are consumers already purchasing a similar product and would benefit from the added features in your product. These consumers can afford the product and are already using it, so you don’t need to spend significantly to …
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