Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Explaining Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Most recently American Superconductor’s senior vice president of global manufacturing operations, Angelo Robert Santamaria is an accomplished manufacturing executive who specializes in the release of products. During his time at American Superconductor, Angelo R. Santamaria employed his skills in failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).

FMEA helps practitioners utilize systematic and qualitative data, the latter of which is typically data that cannot be expressed using numbers, to help them anticipate potential issues with a process or product. Beyond demonstrating how products and processes may fail and the effects such failures will have, FMEA potentially allows practitioners to identify the reasons behind failure and how likely detection of these issues is.

Typically employed early into a project or process development cycle, FMEA is used in many industries to help manufacturers mitigate the risks involved in launching new products and processes, in addition to helping them take swift action in the event of failure. Well-executed FMEA highlights issues early in the design process, allowing manufacturers to substitute design failures with reliable features.

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A former executive at American Superconductor, Angelo Robert Santamaria helped increase company revenues by $375 million over the course ...